We render all IT services

Our services are open to a wide range of organizations, from start-ups to already established organizations.

Demo can be requested after the first installment.

Any organization or individual, can request a service in Devosta. 

Pricing in Devosta is based on the service you’re requesting.

All payments are made to the company’s accounts. 

To contact support email


It takes between 24 to 72 hours (about 3 days) depending on the issue raised in the ticket.

Open a ticket. The support team will investigate and resolve the issue.

Yes, we do. 

Offering IT training and certifications is one of our core areas.

Devosta Solution Limited is a partner to MGProjects LLC, an IT company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

To partner with devosta solution limited, email partners@devosta.com

DiceTutors. An online learning community where tutors meet with learners.

Implementation time frame depends on the complexity of the service.

Our services are not restricted to any geo-location 

Yes. We offer ongoing updates and maintenance for your services if requested.

To request a service, click on the contact icon on the front page of the website and follow the prompts.

Our pricing is slightly negotiable.

Payment for services is made immediately after the order is concluded. We do pre-service billing.

Devosta Solution Limited support is available 24/7

Devosta website has a privacy policy protecting users on the website.

To give feedback about a service, write a mail to customerservice@devosta.com

Yes, you can follow our social media pages here: 




Yes, we do, if requested by the user and it attracts an additional fee. 

Yes, Devosta Solution is open to partnership.

Yes, we have products.

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